The Parish of St Dominic has a vibrant women’s cell, known as Mahila Mandal, which was founded in 2009, when Rev. Fr. Amirtharaj was Parish Priest. The purpose of the cell was the spiritual formation of the members, building bonds among the members, service to the parish and reaching out to those in need.

In the first year there were 20 members in the Mahila Mandal. The membership steadily increased as the years went by. They held regular meetings, prayed together, attended classes and visited the sick of our parish. In the year 2013 they began to conduct snacks and tea shop after the first Mass, on Sundays. This continues to be of great help to the Mass-goers, as most of them came fasting before Mass. This also ensured a regular income to the Mahila Mandal to support its activities.

Presently Mahila Mandal has 34 active members. Apart from continuing what they had been doing from the beginning, they also organize reach-out programmes to homes, conduct yearly cultural programmes, make contributions towards Parish festivities and go for picnic once a year.

Members and other Parishioners vouch that the group has done much good to the members as well as the Parishioners.