“Dear young people, let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ, and spread that light wherever you are. Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch” (Pope John Paul II)

Introduction and Genesis of SDYM Saint Dominic’s Youth Movement (popularly known as SDYM) is the official youth group of St. Dominic’s Church, Vasant Vihar. The members of the group serve the Lord and His people through their active, selfless and voluntary participation in various parish activities. It has been a journey of sincere dedication and team work to come to the position it stands now among the other youth group of Delhi Archdiocese. The SDYM is looked upon as one of the active and lively youth group in the Archdiocese. The genesis of the group formed during the Lenten season 2006, when a big wooden Cross was being carried to all the churches in the Archdiocese of Delhi by the various youth group of different parishes to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Yuvodaya (Youth Group of the Delhi Archdiocese). Fr Aquin Noronha OP took the initiative of inviting young members of our parish to come forward and receive the Cross. Few had the courage and desire to come forward but nevertheless he gave them confidence. By God’s grace the receiving and the veneration of the Cross went smoothly. Though the group was not yet officially formed, the few were considered as the new parish youth group and to prove this they were given the responsibility to put up a tableau during the procession on Good Friday and this laid the foundation of the parish youth group. Ever since, the SDYM has been gradually shown their dedicated service and team work at St. Dominic’s.

Following the Charism of St. Dominic de Guzman In order to develop the youth of our parish to be future Catholic Leaders and responsible Citizens, the SDYM is closely connected with the religiosity of the Parish. It is closely linked with the Dominican community and fosters the charisms of St. Dominic through the four pillars of Dominican Life, namely:

  • Prayer, Meditation and Proclamation of God’s Word.
  • Promise to hold all things in common (Community Life, share common vision, sharing blessings with others). “We call nothing our own”.
  • Study (Scripture) in order to be able to preach the Word of God.
  • Outreach to the poor (in spirit) and the needy, to work for truth, social justice, peace in the society.

Goals of the Youth Movement

  • To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
  • To draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the parish community.
  • To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each youth member.

Aims and Objectives of SDYM

  • To involve the youth of St. Dominic’s Parish in the understanding of the Catholic faith, so that they can be spiritually stronger; so as to ensure commitment to carry forward the mission of the Catholic Church.
  • To build and promote different youth activities at the parish level, zonal level, diocesan level, regional level, national level as may be required; as means of achieving the objectives of SDYM.
  • To assist youth of the parish be effective and responsible members of the community and be able to integrate into the parish and diocesan context irrespective of caste, economic or socio-cultural background.
  • To assist the youth through design and implementation of appropriate programs, seminars, so as to enable them to understand the importance of youth and their imminent role in the parish community and wider society.
  • To organize programs that provide a greater understanding of the richness of Christian Scriptures and imbibe Christian values and systems; as well as the appreciation of other denominations and religions.
  • To provide appropriate services to youth in the parish specially those belonging to the economically weaker sections (eg. rural youth, tribal youth).
  • To conceptualize, design and conduct various programs encouraging the talent that is present among the youth of the parish; provide amenities and facilities to further these talents (be it in music, arts and craft, dramatics, general knowledge, sports and such) invigorating the spirit, mind and body of youth.
  • To design and conduct Youth Leadership Initiatives so that they can take up responsible positions in society as they become adults.
  • To regularly evaluate the progress of the movement and suggest ways and means including an action plan for its proper implementation.
  • To support the Parish Priest, the Dominican community and other organizations in the parish during Feasts, Programs, special occasions as requested by the Parish Priest/Spiritual Adviser.

The Regular Program and Activities of SDYM

  • In order to rejuvenate their spiritual energy, SDYM members gather in prayer every third Saturday of the month at the Adoration Chapel. Various intentions of the SDYM, the sick family members and personal intentions are specially offered to the Lord during this prayer.
  • The Holy Eucharist being the source and summit of members, SDYM takes active participation in liturgical celebrations. The Youth animate the second Mass on every third Sunday of the month. The members themselves look after Altar serving, Readings of the Mass, the Choir and the Offertory.
  • In order to plan for the upcoming events, activities and the programs, the SDYM meets on every third Sunday of the month. On that day the members’ birthdays on the particular month are celebrated. This not only unites the members but brings in the family atmosphere.
  • The SDYM raises its own funds by putting up a stall on every first Sunday of the month in the Church. The monthly subscription of Rs. 50 is used to buy the groceries and vegetables for the stall. Working together and learning from each other’s expertise and experience, it adds more life to the group and cements the bond of belonging to one SDYM family.
  • On occasion of Family Day of the parish the SDYM organizes games and entertainment programs for the parishioners.
  • One of the events which the children always look forward to is the summer camp. During the summer holidays God’s Squad Camp is conducted for the children with a theme relevant to the children. The children are taught music, dance, art and craft, dramatics and Christian values. For the expenses of the camp, the SDYM raises the fund through the donations and the registration.
  • SDYM renders its valuable help during the feast of St. Dominic, the patron of the Parish. They organize a novena in preparation of the feast; get involved in the distribution of the Preeti Bhoj, a fellowship meal; the choir and the other liturgical responsibilities. They also meticulously organize and take part in the cultural program that follows the feast.
  • During the season of Lent and the Easter their involvement and participation is highly commendable. They lead the congregation on every Friday through the English Way of the Cross. During the Easter Triduum, they creatively make the garden of Gethsemane; the Calvary scene and depict the live Resurrection.
  • SDYM also takes an active role during the Christmas by decorating Church; by making crib and also volunteering for the various duties and responsibilities.
  • To facilitate the all-round development of the members, occasionally the SDYM also organizes various seminars on youth related topics to help and guide the members.
  • SDYM efficiently plans and organizes the Zonal Youth Mass and this gathering bringing together all youth members of the South Zone II.
  • SDYM also reaches out to the poor and the needy. Occasionally they visit the Home for the Aged and orphanages. They also extend their help to the sick through prayer and financial support whenever in dire need.
  • To take a break from their regular routine mundane life SDYM organizes annual picnic to various Dominican communities. Besides, knowing the other Dominican communities and visiting the new places, it builds up a strong family bond among the members.

Besides these activities, the members of the SDYM are also involved in various duties and responsibilities of the Parish. Their presence is felt and appreciated in every field of the Parish.

  • Four SDYM members are efficiently animating their respected SCC units of their area and thus they represent their unit in the Parish Council.
  • A couple of SDYM members are also the members of the Liturgical Committee and they help and facilitate the decorations and other liturgy-related activities of the parish.
  • Seven of its members had been the catechism teachers till the last year and through it they have been helping in the faith formation of the children.
  • St. Augustine says, “One who sings prays twice.” Inspired by this spiritual advice, most of SDYM members have become part of either English or Hindi choir.
  • One of the members is also part of the Cultural Committee that looks after and conducts various cultural programs of the parish.

The Present Members of SDYM St. Dominic’s Church is blessed with wonderful bunch of youth who are very active and talented. The parish would have been lifeless without their presence and participation in various activities of the parish. Presently, SDYM has 35 members who are also registered as ICYM members. Most of them are working; while a few of them are pursuing their studies. The present SDYM members are:

Anisa Fernandes Sangeeta Soreng Ashim Lakra Annie Nathan
Manish Soreng Sangeeta Samad Christopher KennedyAnto Moses
Philo Alexander Mary Lakra Henry Joseph Riya Peter
Pratima Tirkey Divya Tirkey Angel Mary Tanushka Jagi
Roselyn Lepcha Pankaj Lakra Johnson Lakra Jennifer James
Neeraj Samad Neeru Kerketta Rajeshwari XaxaSandra Nair
Angelina Alexander Mamta Soreng Franklin Babu Rachel Armstrong
Shashi Baa Aditya Soreng Saleem Kujur Sandhya Kerketta
Meena Shresht Andrew Charles Fiona Alexander

Core Committee Members:

President Anisa Fernandes
Vice President Manish Soreng
Secretary Philo Alexander
Treasurer Pratima Tirkey
Assistant Secretary Roslyn Lepcha
Assistant Treasurer Neeraj Samad
Nominated Member Angelina Alexander
Nominated Member Shashi Baa

“No one is insignificant. He loves all of us with a special love; for him all of us are important: you are important! God counts on you for what you are, not for what you possess. In his eyes the clothes you wear or the kind of cell phone you use are of absolutely no concern. He doesn’t care whether you are stylish or not; he cares about you! In his eyes, you are precious, and your value is inestimable” (Pope Francis)